Why subscribe to Weakness Wod?

As a team, we are redefining your process to recognize and attack your weaknesses as an athlete. The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give. Weakness Wod brings the emphasized programming to you so you can spend quality time training to get better. Don’t waste time worrying about doing the right things, spending loads of money on programming, or searching for the program tailored to your weaknesses.


What we’re about.

We are helping athletes juggle the “Three Headed Monster” that pertains to the sport of fitness: Crossfit. That monster is comprised of Strength, Endurance, and Gymnastics. The main objective in the sport of fitness is to be the best you can possibly be in these three areas and to have the fewest weaknesses in those areas. One trait is not more important than another, but one trait should take your priority until basic fundamentals are met. Our goal is getting you to our “green triangle!”

  • Strength: As simple as it is stated, the stronger you are the easier tasks will be whether it is light, moderate, or heavy loading. The better you can move with loading the easier the loading becomes to move, especially pertaining to distance.

  • Endurance: No matter the time of an objective, the advanced athletes can sustain high work capacities through short to lengthy time domains. How broad and developed is your work capacity? Conditioning is crucial knowing most workouts are not 1 rep max lifts or 4 minute time caps.

  • Gymnastics: Anyone can spot a moderate mover compared to an excellent mover and how much time they dedicate to quality movement patterns. These skills are developed over time and practice. Highly skilled movements are popping up everywhere now to separate the good from the best. How quickly are you getting better at Pistols, Muscle Ups, Strict Handstand Push Ups, and big sets of Toes to Bar?


Who we are.

Our company was created out of one simple core value: help athletes of all sports, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, etc improve their quality of movement which in turn will create a specific adaptation towards their goal. (S.A.I.D. Principle) The Process actually started by accident because athletes, in our gym and surrounding gyms, would ask us to personal train them after their group classes to improve their weaknesses. We started seeing a trend, which we then realized was a problem, that we wanted to solve for many people! #TrustTheProcess


-The Process: Owner, Individual Design Coach, Main Programmer

B.S. - University of Missouri, Nutrition & Exercise Physiology

Crossfit Lvl 2 Certification, Crossfit Gymnastics Certification, Loomis Digestive Health Professional



- TheProcess: Individual Design Coach, Strength - Weakness Wod Coach.

CPT, Crossfit Lvl 1, Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Certified

Helping people of all sorts of backgrounds and experiences to work on their weaknesses and achieve their goals is his passion! Zach specializes in strength and hypertrophy training integrated with conditioning.




- TheProcess: Individual Design Coach

Doctorate of Physical Therapy, B.S. Exercise Sports Science

Crossfit Lvl 1, USA Functional Fitness National Team Member 2018, Division 1 Collegiate Soccer Player at Costal Carolina University.

Specializing in prehab and rehab and helping athletes maximize their potential injury free.



Sean Gleason

- TheProcess: Nutrition Coach

CrossFit Lvl 1, Precision Nutrition Lvl 1,

Working Against Gravity Certified Nutrition Coach

Sean has been one our beloved members from the beginning: Starting with our Weakness Wod paths, then upgrading to our Compete program, and currently an Individual Design athlete always working to optimize his fitness. As far as nutrition goes, Sean has been a transformation himself, still kickin ass, and wants to improve the lives of others the way his has!

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