Working on technique when your body is exhausted is how you get better #GAINZZZ. Weakness Wod helping us all the time! #weaknesswodcompete

- Jimmie Rucker, Compete

I just wanted you to know I'm really starting to get strong,,, we don't have 2 matching of the top weight kbs in our gym but I was able to farmer carry a 62 and 70 about 100ft but I could of went further I just wanted u to know the programming does work well!

- Jody Durham, Strength & Gymnastics

- Toni Marshall, Endurance

The strength Weakness Wods are awesome!! I can already tell my strength is getting better. With a little bit more form work, I will be hitting more goals sooner than later!

- Lohgan Bryant, Strength

Thank you so much for catching that and being honest, I really appreciate it. I'm really impressed with your great customer service, I'll definitely be referring you to my friends!

- Patrice Aviles, Endurance

- Tino Robbins, Compete

Loving the programming by the way. I'm on my second week and feel it really working and the 10-15 minutes after the class is the perfect amount of time to do it without overtraining!
- Mike Wilson, Gymnastics

- Jared Stevens, Gymnastics

- Shelley Guest, Strength & Gymnastics

Just wanted to let you know this stuff is working!!! Yesterday in our warm up we had to do handstands on the wall with shoulder taps. A few weeks ago this movement was in my Weakness Wod and I couldn't do them, had to do them with my feet on a box. Well, I'm soooo happy to report that yesterday I could do them! And several of them! Woohoo! Thanks again for your awesome programming. Looking forward to the app!

- Renee Eades, Gym Plan