Singular Movement Progressions

This is a great opportunity for those athletes who are looking to seriously improve 1 specific movement or focus that is a weakness of theirs. This service is different from our Weakness Wods for the simple fact that this is one-time purchase for a systematic progression focusing on one movement versus Weakness Wod which has a broader focus and have different focuses each month. Commitment issues? Then this is for you! Each Movement Progression is only available for limited times!

core pic.png


This is not your normal core program, you will NOT be doing a million crunches or focusing strictly on “abs”. All of our common and compound lifts we perform are “core to extremity” type movements meaning: the core which connects your upper body to lower body, utilizes the largest muscle groups possible and progresses onwards/outwards to the smaller muscle(s) or groupings of muscles. Our goal with this program is to make your core more balanced front to back to sides to make it more structurally stable and stronger to support every other movement you do whether it be strength training to gymnastics. We breakdown this program into 4 phases: Isometric, Rotational (transverse), Unilateral, and Dynamically loaded ($60).

Ring Muscle Up and Snatch Movement Progressions are designed to build your skills around these movements over a 10 level/30 step progression which we have set up to be done every other day, so upon mastering the 10th level you can achieve the movement confidently. To allow the progression to move at your pace when/if you get to a step that is hard to master, you can repeat the step until it is mastered!

ring Muscle Up

To help you get your first Ring Muscle up or to make them more efficient and consistent, we breakdown this technical gymnastic movement into smaller pieces such as: ring swings, ring holds, dips, turnover drills, levers, pulls, etc. ($60)

DISCLAIMER: To have success with this progression, we suggest you have prerequisite movements such as but not limited to: pull ups, C2B pull ups, static dips.


To help you get more efficient, consistent, stronger, and just overall feel better with the barbell snatch, we breakdown this technical weightlifting movement into smaller pieces making it easier to digest such as: mobility related to this movement, pulls, turnover drills, overhead squats, overhead stability, etc. ($60)