Some gyms that utilize these service:

SUBSCRIBE TO Weakness wod NOw. or inquire about our full gym programming .

How many times has an athlete come up to you after class to ask for help, extra programming, or for movements that will help them individually? We understand how hard it can be to provide all the right things to your athletes when your time, space, and man power is limited. 

The Weakness Wod Gym Plan is for the gyms who want to provide more for their athletes without adding more tasks to their plate! This plan gives gyms the opportunity to use ALL 3 Weakness Wod paths (Strength, Endurance, and Gymnastics) as part of their weekly programming for their gym.

Each comprehensive path is comprised of 5 workouts each week for a monthly subscription. All Weakness Wod sessions are 15 minutes or less, which is ideal for gyms to use as: after wod practice, open gym recommendations, class warm-ups, etc. To make Weakness Wod the best system for helping your athletes work on their weaknesses, each path is on a periodized progression with each month giving a new focus so the sessions and movements do not become stagnant. There are 3 levels to the Weakness Wod for the strength and gymnastics emphasis: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

All 3 daily Weakness Wods will show up on the mobile training app we use called TeamBuildr each week beginning on Sundays. 

What all does the Weakness Wod Gym Plan come with?

  • 5 days a week of Weakness Programming

  • Daily Endurance wod

  • Daily Strength wod

  • Daily Gymnastics wod

  • New monthly focuses for each group

  • Mobile Training App

  • Movement Demo Videos on all of the Weakness Wods

  • Access to special Weakness Wod apparel and discounts

  • Less stress post workout!

*There is a 30Day Written Notice on cancellation. You can cancel at anytime by emailing Weakness Wod or filling out the Cancellation form below. This is not an official CrossFit site, nor endorsed by CrossFit HQ.