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Nutrition Coaching Testimonial - Sarah Lynch

Performance Personal Records

  • 35# weighted strict pull up

  • 7:18 mile time (down from 7:38)

  • “Annie” Wod: 6:38

  • 3RM Front Squat 155 (155 was previous 1RM)

  • 95# Snatch

Q & A

Biggest physical change since starting The Process Nutrition?

  • The abs are back!! and I I actually have lats/back muscles and shoulders!! Finally!

Biggest emotional/psychological change since starting The Process Nutrition?

  • The overall accountability. I have always been the type to track my food and watch closely what I eat due to having crohns. I’ve always had to pay attention to it mainly For the way certain foods make me feel. But having someone look at it with me and critique things was definitely eye opening and rewarding! Being able to bounce ideas and receive feedback was so great!

Thing you're most proud of in our three months of working together?

  • Sticking with it! Even when it gets tough

Any advice for anyone else looking for personalized nutrition coaching?

  • Just try it! You’ll probably surprise yourself! It’s so much more than getting “ macros “ or taking weekly photos. It’s developing your self worth, self respect, and accountability with yourself!

Nutrition Coach: Sean Gleason

  • TheProcess: Nutrition Coach

  • CrossFit Lvl 1

  • Precision Nutrition Lvl 1

  • Working Against Gravity Certified Nutrition Coach