Competition Strategy - New Wods On The Block - Burpees De Mayo

When New Wods On The Block reached out to us AGAIN about helping create strategy videos for their competition series, you know we couldn't deny! Here are your strategy videos for each wod as they are released below. BTW...What are you waiting for? Grab a partner and go signup for their Burpees De Mayo nation wide comp coming up May 5th here:

What is NewWODS?

New WODs on the Block is the fasted growing MASTERS & Scaled competition series in America. It started as a local "fair" scaled only team competition and has evolved into a Nationwide competition that occurs 5 competitions a year.  Our WODs aren't focused on strength, but a balance of base strength, some skill, and overall conditioning.  Many scaled competitions have too many people in the final WOD that don't belong there. Scaled competitions that have men power cleaning 275 pounds, while the true scaled athletes have to sit on the sidelines and watch the finals.  We're proud that our WODs allow both our MASTERS and Scaled Competitors to "go hard" for a day and show off their hard work.