Weakness Wod Teams:


Powerlifting + Accessories to compliment powerlifting movements. our main focuses for the power lifting is the style of movement versus the actual movements themselves. Power lift are usually classified as a squat, deadlift, and bench press, while we are incorporating those we are also doing box squat, sumo deadlift, strict overhead press every other week.


All things Ring from ring holds to swings, to transitions, to full on ring muscle ups. 3 days per week we will be working on the rings and the other 2 days per week we will be attacking the core through workouts that have been programmed from our CORE Program.


2x 5min working periods with a 3min rest b/t efforts. Terming this 3rd phase of our 8 month progression “high output repeatability“. Since the time domains are short then previous months we are asking for a higher output/intensity during the working periods since you will get rest. Then the goal is to be able to repeat your output for the second working period.

  • Here's a short sample of some of the many different movements used for May's Weakness Wod Focuses

If you missed the May’s live announcement on our insta or facebook you can head back to our facebook page and rewatch it to find out more details about our focuses like: why, what, how, intents, and some movements you’ll see coming up or watch it here: