The Process Camp - Crossfit Maximus, Lexington, KY


When: September 21st and 22nd

Where: CrossFit Maximus in Lexington, KY

Why: First off, this camp is open to all levels and to any athlete because it is guaranteed to teach you more than what you currently know. During this day and a half we are going to be giving you lots of tools and experience to take home and apply to your training or others you may coach and get your ready for the 2019 Open. Since this camp is about a month out from the October open, we will be focusing more on aspects you’ll see in the open specifically in the RX category: Muscle Ups, C2B, Pull ups, HSPU, HS Walking, all forms of Weightlifting and mono-structural (cardio), with specifics in Barbell Cycling, Efficiency, Technique, Pacing, Sport specific strategies, etc. So if you are looking to do your best in this year’s open and future opens to come then this is a camp you need to come to!

Through education/instruction sessions and breakout training sessions you can expect this inclusive camp to help you with your mental game, how to prepare for competitions like a local comp or the open, creative longevity in your fitness, and improve technical skills in weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance. Plus our training sessions will be a great time to PR a lift or skill with our coaching staff and our fired up community! This training camp will be hands on and we will not be spending most of our time in a lecture or having you spend your time watching us workout!

Each participant will also receive a gift bag with some sweet gear from us and Driven Nutrition!

What to expect:

  • Check In - 9:45am

  • Saturday AM (10:15AM-1:15PM)

    Education session: Training Priorities, Differences in Training (Practicing, Training, Competing)

    Training session: Power Output/Endurance and Gymnastics Skill Session

  • Lunch break (1:15-2:15pm) - catered on us!

  • Saturday PM (2:15-5:15pm)

    Education session: How to improve in the 3 areas of fitness (gymnastics, strength, endurance) and Energy System Training

    Training session: Technical and heavy lifting session (Oly, strength, accessory)

  • Saturday Night (7-9pm) - Fun team outing (TBD), optional and athlete’s expense.

  • Sunday AM (8:30-11:30am)

    Education session: How to get the most out of your training and using x-factors outside physical fitness. The Coaching Feedback Loop

    Training session: Sport specific (crossfit), Individual and team setting

  • Closing remarks about Noon

Secure your spot: OUR OTHER CAMPS SELL OUT! This camp is limited to the first 20 participants who secure their spot.

Cost: $150 per athlete. Current members get a discount!

*Camp Tickets are non-refundable within 30 days of camp, but may be transferred to another person or for a camp at a later date.